OCMD or Bust… on Top of 50ccs

So I’m roughly 100% sure that every single person out there has heard of H2Oi, the car show that happens every Fall in Ocean City, MD. And those of you who just recently learned about it, probably did from the Jalopnik’s coverage of last year’s event, mocking it as ‘the most ticketed show in America’ or something of the like. Not that they were at all wrong with their title of choice.

Well the show originated as a VW/Audi show, which it still technically is, and that’s why we all started going. We went down with a large group of VAG cars 10 years ago, and have gone back ever since. However very few of us (if any, actually) still have VW-based vehicles, as we have grown wise with age. So after a few beers, one of the H2O-goers of the group said “we should ride our Ruckuses down this year”. And the idea was born.

Now really, this is exactly where the idea should have died as well. This is a 380 mile trip (avoiding highways) from central CT, to OCMD. Traveling through 5 states, every one of those states with different scooter laws. Turning what should be a 6.5 hour car ride into a 16 hour moped ride.



Needless to say, we’re riding our Honda Ruckus mopeds from CT to OCMD.

..yes they’re all registered and insured as motorcycles, and we all have valid motorcycle licenses. So regardless of the chaos of state-to-state moped laws, this should supersede them all.

..yes we will probably die on the way down.

..yes it will be 38* and raining for the entirety of this journey, because it wouldn’t be an H2Oi adventure without 8 inches of rainfall and 60mph winds.

..and yes, we will be thoroughly documenting it, with our assortment of 6 GoPros and a dozen portable USB chargers. We’re ironing out the details currently, but I’ll update as I see fit. Because this could actually be interesting to follow, if you like indulging in others’ misery.