So in preparation for this trip, we’ve done extensive maintenance and some modifications to make this trip less miserable.  Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve been up to..

Colby took his entire scooter apart.  And bought a Honda hoodie.

Pat made his less aerodynamic, and also added a backrest (which I’m highly fond of), and eventually some storage space which isn’t pictured..

Morgan also took his entire scooter apart, mainly to do street tires (the only one who’s riding down on street tires), underglow, and some drivetrain mods.

I added a USB charger, and spent way too much time building a completely overkill backrest which I will likely end up rage-removing halfway there and stuffing into a gas station garbage can, as well as some maintenance items..

And Ben washed his.  Because it’s a Honda and that’s all the maintenance it will ever need.

They are all currently back together, and with the exception of a couple last minute things, they are good to go.  We took a ride last night for a shake down, and so far so good.  The successful 10 mile round trip ride is definitely enough to ensure a flawless 400 mile journey.

We still have to iron out some route discrepancies, riding gear, and some minor logistical details.

six more days..