Meet the Scooter Squad

Welp, we are at T-minus 2 weeks.  And I’d like to regretfully inform you that this trip is actually happening.  I know I said it was happening last time, but a little part of me (the vast majority of my being) was hoping that this would fall apart and I could take a comfortable car ride down with lumbar support and climate control and satellite radio.  But that’s not the case, because we have to ride mopeds through 6 states instead.

So it’s probably time that I briefly introduce the group…

Colby.  Colby was the instigator.  The one who proposed this insane idea.  Strangely enough, the only one without motorcycle experience.

Morgan.  Morgan is the peer pressure king.  Once he got word of the idea, no one was allowed to bail because it was happening, whether you liked it or not.

Pat.  Often referred to as Project Put, Pat is the planner.  He’s the one behind the modifications to make this manageable.

Ben.  Sometimes known as Engineer Bahn.  Ben says the Ruckus is a Honda product, so zero preparation or maintenance is required and everything will be fine.

Me, Mike.  I’m the realist (pessimist).  Full of FOMO, thus unable to bail, but 100% aware of the misery that we are all about to endure.

RIP to the squad.